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Ethics and Transparency

O2011-0008- Sponsored the most comprehensive ethics ordinance is the State of Ohio.     2010 Campaign Promise Kept!!!  - Adopted  11-0       

O2011-0012- Co-Sponsored the first Public Records Policy for Cuyahoga   County. Adopted  11-0

O2011-0013- Co-Sponsored the first Open Meetings Policy for Cuyahoga  County. Adopted  11-0

Inspector General          

O2012-0008- Sponsored the first county Inspector General Ordinance is the  State of Ohio.  2010 Campaign Promise Kept!!!  Adopted  11-0

Veterans Affairs

O2012-0013- Sponsored legislation to create Veterans Services Fund that directed unspent funds returned from the Cuyahoga County Veterans Services Commission to be invested in and for veterans. Adopted  11-0

Finance and Budgeting

O2014-0013- Sponsored Legislation requiring internal requests for public funds to provide an overview, budget, milestones/timelines and staffing levels for all new programs and services – Adopted 10-1

O2011-0056- Sponsored legislation establishing a General Fund Reserve Policy of 25%. Adopted  11-0

O2011-0058- Sponsored legislation establishing a Health and Human Services Fund Reserve Policy of 10%. Adopted  11-0

Community Engagement

R2013-0056- Sponsored a Resolution supporting a partnership between Cuyahoga County Council and Cleveland State University designed to create a Newly Elected Official Training Program for newly elected Councilmembers and Trustees in Cuyahoga County. Adopted  11-0

Public Works - Roads

O2014-0017- Sponsored Legislation calling for the County to provide financial assistance to our Cities, Villages and Townships for road maintenance and repairs - Adopted  11-0

 Charter Amendment – Audit Committee

O2015- Sponsored Legislation that placed a measure before the voters intended to change the formation of the Cuyahoga County Audit Committee to be more transparent and accountable.  The Charter Amendment, Issue 9 (November 2015) was adopted by the voters of County, 75%-25%.

Community Development

2015-0003- Sponsored legislation creating the Community Development Supplemental Grant Program.  A program designed to assist all cities, villages, townships and qualified community development corporations with an opportunity to receive grants up to $50,000 for community development programs and projects funded by casino revenue - Adopted 10-0


O2015-0018- Sponsored legislation that established the Cuyahoga County Public Works Shared Services Program in conjunction with the Auditor of State. 



Ohio House Bill 18 – “Vacant Property Legislation”

Prior to his election in 2010 to the Cuyahoga County Council, Dave Greenspan provided guidance and worked with State Representative Nan Baker, (OH-16) on House Bill 18, commonly referred to as the “Vacant Property Legislation”.  This piece of legislation was adopted into law provided an economic incentive to job creators to create and place new jobs in Ohio’s vacant and abandoned buildings.  Mr. Greenspan provided proponent testimony before committees in the Ohio House of Representatives and State Senate.

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